I love PL/SQL...and...sometimes it drives me a little bit crazy. It is such a powerful language, but it still has some gaps. I put together this website (with the help of Apex Evangelists) to ask for your help in getting Oracle to fix some low-level irritants in the PL/SQL language.

You will find below a list of fixes that I think would make PL/SQL so much more usable and useful. If you agree, press the Send Email button to send a message to Bryn Llewellyn, the PL/SQL Product Manager, about this issue. That way, he will know how many developers care about it and can inform the PL/SQL Development Manager. There's no guarantee, of course, that our emails will make a difference, but it sure can't hurt!

Click on peeve below to view and send email

  Better Access to New/Old Data In Triggers
  Show us which are the "wrong number or types of arguments"
  PLSQL Program Variables State
  BULK COLLECT non-sequentially into collections
  Add a FINALLY clause to PL/SQL blocks
  Provide a way to tell if the value of a parameter was 1) passed in or was 2) assigned a default value.
  Make package constants available from SQL
  More useful labels
  Pass exceptions as arguments
  Get COUNT of elements in subset of collection
  Provide a program to parse a delimited string.
  Show package's subprogram name in call stack and backtrace
  Support definition of private attributes and methods in Object Types

Own Peeve

Of course there are many ways that PL/SQL can be improved. I (Steven) have decided to list no more than ten at a time, so that we can focus our efforts at having an impact on the future of PL/SQL. If there is something about PL/SQL that you would very much like to be fixed, you can submit your idea by clicking on the "Tell Steven about your pet peeve." Perhaps I will then add it to the list shown above.

Tell Steven about your pet peeve.

And you can, of course, always contact Bryn Llewellyn directly to tell him of your needs when it comes to the PL/SQL language. Just remember to let him know that you Iove PL/SQL have an idea for how it could made even better... :-)

Steven Feuerstein, PL/SQL Evangelist, Quest Software: "Help me help Oracle improve the PL/SQL language!"

Bryn Llewellyn: "We love to hear from PL/SQL developers. Let us know what is important to you!"

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